Beaches in Maui

Maui beaches have long been rated as some of the best in the world. With so many diverse beaches, there is something for everyone – young and old, sunbathers to extreme sports enthusiasts. Here’s a listing of South Maui beaches. Enjoy exploring which of these great beaches is best for you…

Kalama Beach & Cove Park

This huge, 36-acre beach park has everything to offer visitors and local residents alike. Although the beach is very small here, the park provides excellent facilities for picnicking and family outings. The cove is extremely popular for longboard surfing and stand up paddling. Located on South Kihei Road, the Cove has a little beach perfect for learning to surf. Though not an ideal spot to enjoy a Maui beach, you'll find the surfing here is often a lot of fun. They also offer surf lessons here.

Kamaole Beach Park I, II & III

Kamaole III is the southernmost of the three Kamaole Beach Parks along South Kihei Road in Kihei. It's separated from Kama'ole II by a rocky area which has good snorkeling if the water is calm.

Of the three Kamaole Beach Parks, Kamaole III has the largest grassy field, near the south end of the park – it's large enough to play a good game of football. On the weekends this park is a very popular place for the locals to have birthday parties and other celebrations. If it's a child's birthday, there will almost certainly be a giant inflatable "jumpy castle" (or two or three) set up.

The Kama’ole Beaches are great family beaches with plenty of stores and restaurants close by.

Keawakapu Beach (Home of Mana Kai Maui)

Keawakapu Beach is a sparkling jewel set at the far southern end of South Kihei Road in South Maui. At one mile long, there's plenty of room for everyone and the beach is very popular with tourists and locals alike. Multi-million dollar houses line the shore, but they're unobtrusive and the number of people in them doesn't overwhelm the beach. The sand is very fine and soft and slopes gently into the water, producing a superior swimming experience. In the mornings you will find a glassy smooth ocean to swim in.

Mokapu and Ulua Beaches

These two beaches are accessed by the same path. The right path leads to Mokapu which fronts the old Renaissance Wailea Beach Resort while the left path leads to Ulua Beach. Ulua is the more popular of the two and was named one of the Top 10 Most Beautiful Beaches in America. This beach was named for an offshore island and bird sanctuary that was destroyed during WWII artillery practice. The beach is great for swimming with its sandy bottom. Snorkeling and diving in the area is fairly good although the water is sometimes cloudy. The area around the rocky point at the south end of Ulua is recommended.

Wailea Beach

With a paved path to walk past the Wailea resorts, this is a fun area to visit. Wailea Beach is adjacent to restaurants and shops with restrooms and equipment rentals. Though it can be crowded with tourists, Wailea Beach is a beautiful beach fronted by the Grand Wailea and The Four Seasons Resort.

Polo Beach

This is a lovely sand and rock beach with clear water for swimming and excellent snorkeling. While in the water, be careful of the slippery rocks. The beach is long and wide with sand dunes located inland. The beach is fronted by the Kea Lani Resort.

Poolenalena Beach

This beautiful, often deserted, half-mile sandy beach is paradise! The shoreline slopes gently into the ocean making it perfect for swimming. There are lava rocks at each end of the beach providing excellent snorkeling opportunities.

Palauea Beach

This beach is lesser known and less crowded than others. Snorkeling around the rocky point is excellent most of the time. Swimming is good with a very sandy bottom and gently sloping bottom.

Maluaka Bay and Beach

Next to the Maui Prince Hotel, Maluaka is one of Makena's gems. It is one of four beaches that surround Makena Bay. This beach is beautiful and has great snorkeling and swimming. Areas around here are often referred to as Turtle Town Maui. A shady, grassy area provides room for picnics, playing and relaxing.